1st May 2018 | DAF UK

Within one working week, an emergency team of PACCAR Financial representatives had contacted all ex-TOM Vehicle Rental operators with DAF vehicles – totalling 100 businesses and several hundred vehicles – to offer funding support and to reassure them of continued DAF aftersales back-up. PACCAR Financial has since reported a significant uptake in rearranged funding contracts.

PACCAR Financial has extended the same level of support to all DAF operators affected by TOM Vehicle Rental’s collapse, regardless of fleet size. As an in-house finance company for one of the world’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturers, PACCAR Financial possesses the resources to support its customers through all market conditions.

“We won’t leave any financially-stranded DAF operator high and dry,” said Paul Young, Regional Asset Manager, PACCAR Financial, “this is an extremely unfortunate situation for many operators, and we were quick to respond to their concerns. Regardless of fleet make-up,” he said, “we want any DAF operators affected by situation at TOM Vehicle Rental to know that DAF Trucks and PACCAR Financial will help keep their DAF vehicles on the road and earning money – that’s the DAF Difference.”